NEW Hospital Project

Capital Campaign

We hope you will watch the video below explaining more about our New Wildlife Hospital. After over 40 years, our facility is long overdue for a complete transformation. The county requires that our facility meet commercial codes, which will mean the addition of fire safety measures and other improvements to the property. Our facility has dozens of amazing habitats and caging for release conditioning of our patients. We have a long history and solid foundation here, and these improvements will allow us to continue to fulfill our mission and to expand our capacity to care for even more patients. 

This project is underway now and permits have been filed with the county. We have a wonderful team of contractors, architects, and engineers helping us through this process. Please visit our Partners page to see the various businesses helping us make this dream a reality. 

   Upgraded Water Supply ~ Expand driveway/paving/retaining walls

New 2-story Hospital building ~ Furnishings, laundry

Septic System expansion ~ Fire Hydrants

Total Cost = $ 2 million - Please donate today to help make this possible