Suzanne West - Executive Director/Board Member (please see bio under Board Of Directors section)

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Lesley Kovar, DVM - Consulting Vet and Sarvey Board Director

Dr. Lesley Kovar graduated from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1991, before moving across the country to settle in Seattle. Dr. Kovar has been practicing small animal medicine at Bothell Pet Hospital since 1993, and also has experience with exotic pets and birds. She spent several years working at a zoo in New Jersey, and has a passion for wildlife. She feels fortunate to be able to offer her services to Sarvey Wildlife Care Center and in January 2020, Dr. Kovar joined the Board of Directors. 

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Amanda Baer-Peckham - Clinic Manager, Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator

Amanda joined the staff at Sarvey in January, 2020 and is excited to have the opportunity to fulfill her passion of helping wildlife. She had been an intern during the 2018 Baby Season and returned as a seasonal staff member the following summer. Amanda graduated from Washington State University in December 2019, where she received a B.S in Earth and Environmental Sciences with a focus in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Sciences.

Amanda discovered her love of working with wildlife after completing a volunteer abroad program in Laos at an elephant conservation center. After returning from Laos, Amanda changed her major from Microbiology to Wildlife Ecology. In November of 2020, Amanda transitioned from a Wildlife Rehabilitation Assistant to becoming a licensed rehabilitator. In the spring of 2024, she took on the role of Clinic Manager. 

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Cathryn Gandy - Assistant Clinic Manager, Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator 

Cathryn joined Sarvey’s staff as a seasonal wildlife rehabilitation assistant in the spring of 2020 after graduating from Oregon State University with a B.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife Science. Prior to working for Sarvey Wildlife Care Center, she completed summer internships at Wildlife Images in southern Oregon, and Center for Wildlife in Maine. In the spring and summer of 2018, she worked as a rehabilitation staff member at Elaine Conners Wildcare in New Hampshire. 

After baby season 2020 ended, Cathryn was offered a permanent staff position at Sarvey Wildlife Care Center, and recently earned her Washington State wildlife rehabilitation permit. In the spring of 2024, she was promoted to Assistant Clinic Manager. 

Although Cathryn enjoys working with all of the animals that come into the center, her favorite patients are the baby opossums and songbirds that come in for care in the spring and summer months. Her favorite part of the rehabilitation process is watching hand-reared animals grow up and finally be released back into the wild where they belong. 

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Jonathan Pusateri - Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator 

Jonathan joined Sarvey full-time in 2019. Previously, he was a seasonal staff member in 2018 and an intern in 2017. He graduated from Washington State University Tri-Cities in 2017 with a B.S. in biology and concentration in environmental technology. 

Jonathan has interned and volunteered at several other wildlife facilities such as PAWS Wildlife Center, Blue Mountain Wildlife, and China Bear Rescue Centre in Chengdu, China. In addition to this experience, he has worked as a veterinary assistant at The Bird and Exotic Clinic of Seattle.

Jonathan is excited to return to Sarvey, where he can contribute to the conservation of wildlife in his hometown area. His most cherished aspect of the experience is witnessing the journey of an animal from intake to eventual release.

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Shayla Bruskland - Wildlife Rehabilitation Assistant 

Shayla joined the staff of Sarvey in May 2023 as a seasonal wildlife rehab assistant. She graduated from the University of Washington in March 2023, where she received a B.S. in General Biology and a B.A. in Art. Previously, Shayla had volunteered in park restoration to improve native habitat in the Seattle area, and she spent time at Sarvey as an intern during the summer of 2022. She was excited to return to Sarvey as a seasonal staff member to pursue her passion for wildlife care.  Shayla become a valued member of the rehab team and was offered a permanent full-time position in the fall of 2023. 

Shayla enjoys learning about the diversity of animals that come into the clinic and is excited to help both orphaned and injured animals be released back into their habitat. When she is not working directly with wildlife, she spends time creating wildlife drawings and paintings. 


Kylie O'Toole - Wildlife Rehabilitation Assistant 

Kylie traveled around the U.S. working in a variety of facilities caring for wildlife before joining the staff at Sarvey in October 2023. She completed internships at Wildlife Images in southern Oregon and at World Bird Sanctuary in Missouri. Kylie also spent time as a hoof stock zookeeper at the Lee Richardson Zoo in Kansas. In 2022, she joined the Vermont Institute of Natural Science as a staff member. The Institute specializes in avian rehabilitation, so Kylie is particularly excited to have the opportunity to work with the large diversity of species that come through Sarvey’s doors, especially the raptors and large mammals. 

Kylie has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hofstra University where she majored in Urban Ecology and minored in Sustainability Studies. Her favorite part of the rehabilitation process is treating challenging and severely compromised patients for their possible release. She also loves caring for plants and jokes her apartment is basically a greenhouse! 


Allie Scheifele - Wildlife Admissions Specialist

Allie joined Sarvey’s staff in January 2024 as the Wildlife Admissions Specialist. Growing up in Boulder, Colorado, she caught the nature bug early, falling in love with animals and the great outdoors. Allie’s academic journey led her to Montana State University, where she earned a B.S. in Environmental Sciences in 2020. Over seven years, she immersed herself in the captivating beauty of Montana, spending six years in Bozeman and one in the picturesque ski town of Big Sky.

In October 2023, Allie made the exciting move to Washington to chase her dream of working in Wildlife Conservation, eventually finding her way to Sarvey. Excited to be part of the team, her love for animals and the daily joy of learning new things make Sarvey the perfect fit for her. She is thrilled to contribute to the Sarvey mission and is particularly eager to play a role in releasing rehabilitated wildlife back to their natural habitats.