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Tree Top Rescue

By Sarvey Wildlife / Monday, November 27, 2023 /

Tree Top Rescue

We know your mailbox is full this time of year. If you are reading this now, thank you!! Every company seems to send daily emails right now promoting the best sale. Of course, non-profits, like us, are sending you end of the year #GivingTuesday donation reminders. We know you are busy and appreciate your time and continued support.

The fall is a busy time for us with many patients arriving that have hit windows or been struck by vehicles. As the daylight hours are reduced, many people are commuting in the dark. This is the same time that owls are out hunting. We took in over a dozen owls in a couple of weeks. Most were Barred owls, but we also saw Saw-whets, Northern Pygmy, Short-eared, Great-horned, and Long-eared owls.

 Barred owl tree rescue

Rescues remain a priority all year and this past week, we received a call about an owl trapped in a tree. This Barred Owl was discovered dangling and entangled in kite string. We went out to evaluate the situation and plan a rescue. Unfortunately, none of our tree climber friends were available for several hours, so we had to find another solution. 

Using ladders, some poles, rope, saws, and sheer determination - our team was able to get her down. These photos show the rescue, her initial exam, and how exhausted she was after the ordeal. By some miracle, she did not have any fractures or dislocation of the wing. She has lost some feathers but is doing much better. (See below, the last photo is of her now.)

Barred owl in kite string

This is just one example of the unique work we do. Our professional wildlife rehabilitators care for 3,000 patients each year.

Some patients require a lot of TLC. This poor Long-tailed weasel was brought to us this week stuck to a glue trap. The homeowner was trying to catch rats and mice in her home, but sadly, this guy found himself in a very sticky situation. He is also doing much better, and the homeowner will no longer be using these traps. Weasels offer great rodent control, and we are happy that he will be able to be released.

Weasel 2023

As we approach #GivingTuesday, we hope you will consider us and donate.

#GiveWild Today.

Giving Tuesday Give Wild

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 Merch 2023

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