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New Eagle Aviary

By Sarvey Wildlife / Thursday, September 2, 2021 /

Sarvey Wildlife Hospital Gets New Eagle Aviary

Thanks To Grant Funds from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and Community Support

Back in 2017, we started working on a large-scale construction project. We planned and designed a new 100-foot eagle aviary for our rehabilitation of eagles and other large birds of prey. Grants were written and fulfilled from different funding sources, we hosted a fundraiser gala, and other financial support for the project helped us make this a reality. The first funding was fulfilled by a biennium grant from WDFW of $41,000.

The construction process was slow.... Not from a lack of generosity, but from the hoops and hurdles of building a large structure on land that is adjacent to wetlands. Now after much coordination, permitting, and back breaking work completely transforming our wetlands, and delays due to COVID halting construction efforts - we are finally DONE! The aviary was ready for our first rehabilitation patients this summer and we are so grateful to everyone that made this possible. Several orphaned eaglets used the aviary late this summer and have now been released. We now turn our focus to building new raptor flights for hawks, owls, and falcons in the area where our old eagle aviary was situated. We have space to build many new flights and our upcoming virtual fundraiser in October will be focused on this Fund A Need. We hope you’ll join us in making this possible. 

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We recently hosted a grand opening thanking those that contributed to the new aviary.


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